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What are the 7 Types of Drywalls?

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Drywalls have 7 major types and, in this article, we are going to tackle these 7 major types of drywall’s application and its uses. The type will actually depend on the location of the drywall, meaning where will you be placing it in your home.

One great thing about the drywall is that there are tapered areas of it that when it is combined it forms a compounded joint that finishes it smoothly. Drywalls are often confused with sheetrock, plater boards and wallboards.

Here are the different types of drywall:

White Board – This one is just regular drywall in the shade of white and the other side would be brown. This one is the most economic type of drywalls and there are so many ranges in thickness. There are boards that have about one-third inch to an actual inch thickness that is usually four by eight-foot panels.

Green Board – It’s also called the moist resistant. This type of wall doesn’t absorb moisture unlike the regular whiteboard drywall. It’s also a bit pricier compared to other drywalls but note that it’s not waterproof. Although this is usually used as tile backer in wet areas of the house like the kitchen or comfort room.

Blue Board – It’s often called Plaster Baseboard. This is commonly used during plastering veneer and the surface or top of this blue board can absorb potential fluids. This type of board has high resistance to water and mold. This is not made for paint, mud or tape and can also be used in wet areas of the house.

Paperless – this is the one that uses fiberglass instead of paper. This protects the gypsum board from rotting and better resistance to mold. This type of board is a bit more durable compared to a regular drywall construction professional find it easy to just cut it.

Purple Drywall – this one though is almost just the same as the whiteboard but with a lot more resistance to moisture and molds. This can be applied to ceilings and walls.

Type X Drywall – this one is fire resistant and is very thick. There are different varieties of the thickness of this drywall. It can also help improve soundproofing. These are made from non-combustible fibers.

Soundproofing drywall – this one is made out of laminated drywall that is created with a mix of fibers of wood and as well as polymers and gypsum. This increases sound transmission and it usually is denser than the regular drywall. This is often used in meeting rooms wherein you will really need noise-canceling technology to soundproof everything going on inside and outside.

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