Why Hire a Paper Shredding Company 

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Do you have lots of old records to get rid of? If you need to clear a file cabinet filled with outdated company documents, don’t just summon a trash removal company to get take them away. If those documents contain sensitive information like client profiles, then you will be liable if it was proven that they facilitated identity fraud. These documents should be disposed of properly and to assure yourself of that, you need the services of an accredited paper shredding company.  

Paper Shredding

Your liability could easily translate to $250,000 if fail to practice proper discretion. That’s a lot of money to pay just because you became negligent. The government mandates that all companies should comply with the proper elimination of sensitive data as they can be used in many criminal activities. If you don’t comply, you’ll definitely pay the price.  

What Documents Should Be Destroyed? 

Almost all types of documents that contain information such as names, addresses, birthdays, and other data should be destroyed beyond recovery. There could be many paperwork or documents that contain this information sitting in your office. It’s common practice for companies to ask for these data from their employees or customers. Examples of such documents are payroll records, personnel files, customer account numbers, bank documents, and financial statements.  

Other documents that you don’t want to end up in the wrong hands are competitor data, price lists, marketing materials, canceled checks, tax records, internal memos, and invoices, among others. Companies have trade secrets to protect. One document that contains pertinent information escaping your office and ending up in the wrong hands could be detrimental to your organization.  

Protect Your Interests 

Hiring paper shredding companies will work to your advantage. Hiring them is protecting your interest because you’ll be assured that you are no longer legally liable after transferring the data destruction task to them. You’ll have full peace of mind knowing that no information is divulged outside your organization. Some service providers can even provide on-site services so you don’t have to worry about sensitive files leaving the four corners of your office.  

Accredited paper shredding companies can assure you of these things and a whole lot more. They will notify you of every stage completed during the course of document destruction and will send over a certification showing that the whole task was completed successfully. That certification is your assurance that all data is removed properly and beyond recovery.  

What Companies Need Data Shredding? 

All companies definitely need data shredding services although they are mostly required by banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, hospitals, schools, and government agencies. Any company that deals with customer records by the thousands should be very careful when disposing of any document or storage device that may contain specific customer information.  

If your office shredder can’t do the job, then you should definitely call a company that can help you out. If you live in Worcester, then seek the paper shredding company Worcester MA with the equipment, tools, personnel, expertise, and accreditation that are necessary to provide a prompt, convenient, fast, and well-executed service.  


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