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Paper Shredding Services at Your Fingertips 

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Large companies are required by law to protect their customer’s sensitive profile and information. Otherwise, they may be subjected to fines as much as $250,000. That’s a lot of money lost due to negligence. But did you know that more than four times that amount is lost every year due to identity fraud? That’s the reason why data and paper shredding services are highly in demand these days.  

Paper Shredding

When hiring a paper shredding company, you have to make sure that you transact only with reputable organizations. Because sensitive information is being handled, it is only important that the job is entrusted to people who have the knowledge, skills, expertise, and capacity to do it. The government has set rules on how to handle sensitive data. Every paper shredding company has to comply with it.  

Accredited Data Destruction  

Because security is valued highly by all people these days, companies that offer paper shredding services deem it necessary to regulate their own industry. This is why they now have organizations that handle accreditations to ensure clients that they have nothing to worry about after the data destruction task has been transferred to the provider.  

The two highly respected organizations that regulate the data shredding industry are the North American Shredding Association and the National Association of Information Destruction. If the company you want to hire belongs to both or either one of these organizations, then you’ll have full peace of mind knowing that the sensitive data from your company will be handled and disposed of properly.  

Choosing a Paper Shredding Company  

When choosing a paper shredding company, go for the one that is trusted by banks, insurance agencies, credit unions, doctor’s offices, medical clinics, law firms, accounting firms, research institutions, schools, retailers, manufacturers, and government agencies. Ask for the previous client portfolio of the company to see how many reputable institutions have hired them in the past. That should give you a good idea as to how well they’ll serve you. 

You deserve nothing but superior services as far as data destruction is concerned. This is one job that has no room for errors as such errors may prove to cost you very dearly. Dealing with companies that have been providing the service for a very long time will ensure you that everything will go as smoothly as expected, from the timely collection of the documents all the way to shredding them at the warehouse or place of business.  

Paper Shredding Company Worcester, MA 

If you live in the Worcester area, then you simply have to find a paper shredding company Worcester MA that can comply with your strict requirements. Sometimes, you don’t want the documents to leave your office and that’s understandable. The company you deal with should have a solution for that, too.  

Heavy-duty shedding equipment is available these days. The company should one own one of them and take them to your office at your request. That should allow you to do supervised data shredding if that’s what it takes to put your mind at ease.  


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