Steps to Become a Drywall Contractor

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The field of construction has gone a long way. True to this claim is the rise of drywall. It’s a material made of gypsum rock that is finely crushed. An important characteristic of this material is its being fire-resistant. This is the result when the crushed gypsum rocks are pressed between layers and layers of special papers.

Since drywalls are thick in nature, they should be handled by contractors who have their respective repair and installation businesses. These contractors render their expertise to their fellow building contractors, and moreover to business establishment owners, residents, and the likes. What does it take to handle drywalls at a professional level? As a prerequisite, you need to be strong. The job demands strength, endurance, and stamina.

There will be a lot of bending, stretching, and standing. On top of that, there will be moving and lifting of drywalls that can weigh up to 100 pounds; plus climbing on ladders. Are you now getting curious on this career path? Below is our rundown towards becoming a drywallers Aurora IL:

Obtain a high school diploma (or probably an equivalent of it)

While it may not be a requirement, some training programs that are necessary for drywalling require interested individuals to get a high school diploma. Not only that, high school education, specifically mathematics, can help you understand basic concepts in drywall installation.

Undergo job training

There are two forms of training in the field of drywalling- formal apprenticeship program; and informal helper. The former has 2-4 years in duration, this includes On-The-Job training,

compensation, and classroom instruction. The latter only has a conservative estimate of 12 months in duration, this includes direct supervision of experienced drywallers. If the supervision will be successful, training will progress into assigning high-level roles and responsibilities.

Enroll in a business course

Since drywall contracting is an after all a business pursuit, people who would want to be drywall contractors needed to be equipped with business knowledge and skills by enrolling in a business course at a community college or center. If you do not want to shell out money for a business course, you can take advantage of free courses online from various government agencies.

Secure licenses and other requirements

Although some places do not require one, a license will validate your technical know-how in drywalling. Your potential clients will search for your general contractor’s license. If you’re able to present them with such, they will be confident in working with you, knowing that the state has acknowledged your skills in drywalling.

Do some research on how to secure one. Most licensure exams will ask you first to meet a number of months/years for work experience before. The nature of exam is written exam and it’s all about drywalling and the business operation side of it.

Once you’re done securing your license as a drywaller, you may proceed to getting a business permit. This will allow you to legally operate in your area. Eventually, you will be getting liability and workers’ insurance for your growing workforce.

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